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Djinjama: Defying the Grid

It could be argued that art is generated to share a notion or feeling, whereas designs are developed to communicate a purpose. Aboriginal objects have been created for a purpose, for instance a woven object constructed to carry something, or shield to protect someone. In actual fact First Peoples have been designers for millennia, however, [...]


Barrawao seeks to bring about an understanding of the deep connection between Language and Country in an embodied and experiential manner. This project re-creates Country and language in a virtual world and happened through a slow process of co-design together with Knowledge Holders, after spending time walking on and listening to Country, and includes D’harawal, Dharug [...]

Weaving Intentions

Weaving Intentions, created as part of Hromek’s PhD research, is an object woven with intention and pensive speculation, where the weaver becomes connected to history and future, kin and Country. Woven into the object are words, conversations, ideas and thoughts, captured through the energetic exchange of making into the form. Stories, histories and life are [...]

Woven Objectives

Conversations, stories, words and intentions inform or even form the shape of the weaving, thus the weaving embodies those idioms and carries them perpetually. Weaving inherently forms the spatial form of the weaver’s story of Country; the intent reading and writing story and Country into form and object. Lomandra, gymea, dyanella, raffia, black palm, stringybark, [...]

Winyanboga Yurringa

Set and costume design for Winyanboga Yurringa, a play set in Yorta Yorta Country in the Barmah National Park. Staged at Carriageworks, Sydney and Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Geelong. Polypropylene, string, wood, fabric, sand, 2016. "Transforming dramatically with the play’s mood shifts they suggest a magical place, of serenely floating trees that can become eerie [...]

Yannala for Wingara

Commissioned by Equity and Diversity Unit, UTS, this artwork uses statistical and cartographic data of all Indigenous students who have studied at UTS over time since establishment to map their educational journeys. It is a spatial diagrammatic understanding of Indigenous student movement across the university using CAD software as a medium. It explores different types [...]

Covered By Concrete

Concealed in the strata of Australia are Indigenous stories and culture. Hromek, Hromek & Hromek are interested in the hidden histories of places. In Covered By Concrete, the artists attempt to engage with these obscured stories on Cockatoo Island at Underbelly Arts Festival. Can you sense this place’s spirit? This installation aims to investigate how [...]

Public Interiority

A redesign of one of the public spaces around Central Station in Sydney, Belmore Park. This project considers the thematics considered include walking as a way of mapping the city, the joining up of urban green spaces, and decelerating time. CAD and digital renders, 2014.

Pre-Space Vivid

The Pre-Space installation for Vivid Sydney illustrates Australian cinema and theatre spaces through image, moving image and animation, offering both a curated moment within Sydney’s historical foreshore and a choreographed scene of the contemporary waterfront as a space of public entertainment. With Thomas Cole, Benedict Anderson, Juan Cabello, Emily Drage, Shervin Jivani. Galvanised steel, polycarbonate, [...]

Question of Perception

'The fusing of landscape, urbanism, and architecture has become a new ground for exploration. As our interiors are often conceived as exteriors, so the relation of buildings to grounds might be reversed or integrated.’ Steven Holl An exploration of a speculative space, a climate change bunker, and how this space can evoke phenomenological reactions. CAD [...]


Casts, plaster, negative space, balsa, card, found objects, resins, glues, card, cement, polypropylene. Model making and prototypes. Plaster, glue, wood, plastic, card, plastic, found objects, 2012.

World Making

"Cities like dreams are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else." Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities Using found objects and mapping a new city was created and then documented in watercolour. Exhibited as part of the Foundation [...]

Eisenman By Hand

Speculative interior drawings and hand renderings of architect Peter Eisenman’s House Number 2. Pencil on vellum, 2013.

Mapping Sydney

An exploration of Sydney, its streets, its people, its history, its traffic through diagrammatical maps. CAD, 2014.

Psychadelic Urban Interior

Based upon studies for proposals of Parramatta Road between Sydney University and Taverners Hill of Sydney, with the aim of the activation of empty and derelict properties using spatial design to address urban and transportation issues. Resultant was a projected art installation onto a floating string based construction. With Lauren Byrne, Megan Cummins and Max [...]


An investigation into domestic interior spaces as a tool for urban transformation. Considering the city's changing and increasing population without constructing new residences, rather speculating on existing dwellings to offer increased density and diversity. Achieved through visual renderings, architectural drawings and diagrams. CAD and digital renders, 2013.

Imágenes Evocadoras

An exploration through Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion and Le Corbusier's Le Cabanon resulting in evocative imagery. CAD and digital renders, 2013.


A sensorium is defined as "the sensory apparatus or faculties considered as a whole", a space that activates all the senses to provide a rich experience. Comprised of an interior infrastructure and a facade between the interior infrastructure on one hand and the exterior streetscape. This sensorium is for temporary retail also known as pop [...]

Objets Trouvés

Inspired by a derelict cinema which subsequently became a home for squatters and homeless folk, this mask is made entirely from found objects. A once functional and beautiful building in the surroundings of other similarly dilapidated structures, on an undeniably toxic road, became shelter for "undesirable" people who live outside of what is generally considered [...]


A study of the body's movement through space, a mapping of the geometries in kaleidoscopic repeated forming and reforming. CAD, 2012.

1:1 Space

An animated simulated environment projected simultaneously creating a virtual 1:1 cinema space. "It is indeed miraculous that space so conceived could act as some kind of force field, repelling the occupation of those uncontrollable aspects of life and time that architects fear..." Jeremy Till With Zoe Xu and Lidia Radtke. Animation, digital renders and photography, [...]


An interior hybrid inhabitation creating space for several distinct "multimodal" interior behaviours. An exploration of movement in space. CAD and digital renders, 2013.

St John

A speculative design exploring Sydney population growth and the need to create more living space for residents. This design explores a double up of a Sydney terrace, redesigning the interior to allow for two households to occupy the existing dwelling. CAD, digital renders, 2013.