Danièle is a spatial designer and artist, fusing design elements with installations and sculptural form. Informed by her past occupations and education, her work embraces styling/fashion and people/project management. Art and design have been a driving force for Danièle as far back as she can remember. This early interest in aesthetics continued and she has been designing in one way or another ever since. Gaining her experience globally, she has lived in London, Paris, Barcelona, Vancouver and Sydney. Her spatial design practice merges architecture and interiors with urban design, performance design and fine arts. As an Aboriginal designer her work derives from her cultural and experiential heritage. Her work often considers the urban Aboriginal condition, the Indigenous experience of Country and contemporary Indigenous identities.

Danièle also works as a lecturer and researcher considering how to Indigenise the built environment by creating spaces to substantially affect Indigenous rights and culture within an institution. Danièle’s research contributes an understanding of the Indigenous experience and comprehension of space, and investigates how Aboriginal people occupy, use, narrate, sense, Dream and contest their spaces. It rethinks the values that inform Aboriginal understandings of space through Indigenous spatial knowledge and cultural practice, in doing so considers the sustainability of Indigenous cultures from a spatial perspective.

Danièle is a proud Saltwater woman of the Budawang tribe of the Yuin nation.



Impact catalogue essay, 2017

Winyanboga Yurringa set and costume design, 2016

Covered by Concrete spatial map/installation art with Siân Hromek and Michael Hromek, Underbelly Arts Festival, 2015